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Tahiti 80
Big Day
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Tahiti 80 Big Day Single

Someone's been listening to his Smokey Robinson records haven't they? Xavier Boyer and his band of Gallic pop munchkins have concocted a decent piece of white-boy soul here. Buoyed by a driving bassline and bouncy piano with a generous splash of funk guitar, they sound on top of the world, with Boyer's falsetto sounding child-like and endearing,

Everything is finally falling into place/ After all this waiting. Cliched? Maybe. Heartfelt? Definitely. This track has more e-numbers than a giant tube of smarties under your tree on Christmas morning and will leaveyou feeling as excited as the band sound.

The only grumble is the inclusion of four remixes of the title track, because by the time you've got to the end of the last one, the song has become rather annoying. The notable exception being the Booka Shade mix, which changes the song beyond all recognition and is all the better for it.

Ben Davis

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