Review of Welcome 2 Tahland Album by Tah Mac

Review of Tah Mac's album 'Welcome 2 Tahland'.

Tah Mac Welcome 2 Tahland Album

Brooklyn born Tah Mac is familiar to the UK having spent a lot of time here producing and writing for various artists with success. As an original member of Redman's Def Squad you'd expect MC skills, on point hip hop and following from the Kanye college school of thought, that Tah Mac is, you'd expect a similar flavour.

'Welcome 2 Tahland' is all that. It's good hip hop with fresh influences from the UK and clever production that is in a similar style to Kanye.
He features some classy acts from the UK most notably Mutya Buena on 'Give Back'.

In fact it's hard to fault this album. There's some good material and it's cool, classy and a definite good influence for the UK. Running throughout the album there's a geat use of guitar licks mixed with innovative touches that keep the whole thing moving and fresh.

The main problem for Tah Mac could be the similarities to Kanye. Kanye's already forged a very respectable name for himself in hop hop and Tah Mac might be seen as an impersonator rather than originator and possibly overlooked. Throughout the album you cant help but make comparisons, nevertheless if you can get beyond those feelings, it's a good album all the same.

Tareck Ghoneim

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