Black Eyed Peas star taboo says Fergie's pregnancy is going ''very well''.

The 37-year-old rapper insists his bandmate - who is expecting her first child with her actor husband Josh Duhamel - is having a glowing pregnancy so far and he can't wait to meet her new bundle of joy, which is due in July.

Speaking to E! News at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday night (25.04.13), Taboo said: ''Fergie's doing very well, I'm so proud of her.

''I was the first Pea to have kids - you know how it is - I have three wonderful children, and when we talked about that, Fergie would say, 'Tab, what is it like?' I always told her when the time is right, it's gonna happen for you and God bless her (it did). I can't wait to see baby Ferg.''

The band - which is made up of, Fergie, and Taboo - announced they were taking a break in 2011 to explore solo ventures but they still keep in touch with each other and Taboo has even offered Fergie some parenting tips.

He said: ''I know that being in the entertainment business ... my first son, I had to sacrifice being away, being on tour a lot and I wasn't really present ... But (my advice) is just to be there for your kids and knowing to nurture their dreams and their aspirations.''