BLACK EYED PEAS star taboo has announced plans to launch a non-profit arts school for children in his hometown of Rosemead, California.

Taboo - real name JAIME GOMEZ - has joined forces with Rosemead councillor JOHN TRAN to start a scheme which will teach local youngsters breakdancing, martial arts and in-house music production.

The LET'S GET IT STARTED hitmaker, who spent his days and nights growing up in Rosemead dancing, says, "Every time I do a show, I hear people yelling 'Rosemead, Rosemead.' I was never loved in Rosemead. I was an outcast with Rosemead, but now, wow, people look at me and they say 'He did it, why can't I?'"

Taboo and Tran are in the process of gaining non-profit status for the program, which will likely start at the local community centre, with hopes for it to grow and include more children.