T.I and Game found themselves in a face-off with the LAPD on Wednesday night (April 30th) after their friends got beat down to a bloody mess by the security of an LA nightclub.

T.I confronted the LAPD outside the night spot

In a video posted by TMZ, the two hip-hop superstars first confronted more than a dozen law enforcers, who were carrying batons and shotguns, after mistakenly thinking they assaulted their friends outside the Supperclub night venue.

"Is this a crime scene?" T.I can be heard shouting. "Y'all got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers!"

The 'Whatever You Like' rapper is also seen stopping Game and the rest of the gathered crowd from approaching the police. It isn't until their beaten friend, whose face is covered in blood, informs them that the LAPD weren't responsible for the attack, but the nightclub's security team were.

Game was trying to find out who was responsible for the attack

When the injured man shouts, "Yo the police didn't do it. security did!" T.I, Game and their entourage immediately rush towards the club's entrance to find out who is responsible for the attack.

In the first video posted by the gossip site, several security members can be seen tackling two men to the ground, with a bouncer repeatedly kicking one of the men in the head, while the other is held down by another group.

The "mutual acquaintances" of the two rap stars were not allowed entry into the night spot for an unknown reason, this triggered an argument between them, which was followed by the rest of the security team intervening.

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According to TMZ, the two men were taken to LAPD's Hollywood division but no charges were filed and they were released.

T.I nor Game have commented on their eventful Wednesday night.