Armenian-Americans System Of A Down are to reunite for a series of shows in Europe next year (11).
The acclaimed quartet announced an indefinite hiatus in 2006 and haven't worked together as a band since.
But, in a post online, the group reveals it has booked 10 European shows in 2011.
The statement on the band's website reads, "We have no master plan. We are playing these shows simply because we want to play together again."
Bassist Shavo Odadjian recently told Hustler magazine the bandmates agreed to an indefinite hiatus to stave off a permanent split after success started to get the better of them.
He said, "We won a Grammy and we had two number one records. We were making a lot of loot (money). Then some people within the group of four brothers started seeing things differently... and their actions made the reactions of others pretty unbrotherly-like.
"Ten years ago these four motherf**kers were getting paid nothing while travelling in a 10-seat RV for seven months, following Slayer around.
"Flash forward: We are now in a situation where we are making so much money a show that I can't even say. We're being flown around, catered to and being treated like royalty.
"All of a sudden band members are having problems financially... (and) fighting about, 'I want my style of music to be this and that.'"