Former System Of A Down star SHAVO ODADJIAN is still wary of fan encounters after one crazy devotee came at him with a box cutter at an instore signing and attempted to cut off his famous braided beard.
The rocker admits the incident left him really shaken and he had to rely on other fans to drag the girl away before she did any damage.
He tells Hustler magazine, "It was back in 2001... and we didn't have too much security back then.
"I was signing, and in the crowd of pens and pads I saw this little girl's hand come straight at me with a box cutter. My fans actually tackled her down.
"She kept shouting, 'All I want is his beard!'
"It kind of f**ked me up... This 15-year-old girl thought it was OK to come at me with a box cutter to cut off my beard. If she had slipped, the box cutter would have gone in my neck."