Released on this day (June 30th 2016) in 1998 was System Of A Down's self-titled debut album; a record that brought a fresh new sound to 90s avant-garde rock as it was. Featuring epic singles like 'Sugar' and 'Spiders', rock music has never been the same since these guys moved on to the scene.

System Of A DownSystem Of A Down released their self-titled debut in 1998

The artist... System Of A Down are Armenian Americans who formed as an alternative metal band in 1994 in California. Made up of Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian and John Dolmayan, they have released five albums between 1998 and 2005 very much combining elements of punk, thrash metal and 90s rock, and they won a Grammy award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2006 for their single 'B.Y.O.B.'.

The album... Released in 1998, 'System Of A Down' is a critically acclaimed masterpiece co-produced by Rick Rubin and released on American Records. While it may not have achieve the chart heights of its successor 'Toxity', it was still a Platinum-certified success from which came two epic singles: 'Sugar' and 'Spiders'.

Why you need to hear it... It's chock full of important political messages about anti-fascism, the dangers of technology, the war on drugs and on terrorism, and, more specifically, the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Any album that forces the youth of today (or, the youth of the 90s) to think about global issues is definitely one worth listening to.

The best song... 'P.L.U.C.K. (Politically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers)': It's one of the less melodic numbers on the album, but it finished off the tracklist with some fire. Dedicated to the tragic Armenian Genocide of 1915, it's basically a screamfest and it's hardly one of their more refined tunes. But the subject matter is such an important part of the band's lives that it can't be overlooked.

Where are they now? System Of A Down haven't released any new music since 2006, when they launched 'Lonely Day', the final single from their fifth album 'Hypnotize'. However, they are very much still together and you may hear a familiar song of theirs on the new movie 'The Secret Life of Pets' (it's 'Bounce'). They went on a hiatus after their last album, but have been touring a lot since 2011, most recently their Wake Up The Souls Tour for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide last year.