Right on time to fit in with the trend of classic action men returning to the screen, Sylvester Stallone’s new film, Bullet to the Head, hit theatres this week.

It’s your typical serving of an action-packed, blood-soaked shoot-em-up, with (quite apropos) bullets flying towards everyone’s craniums, lots of fighting, lots of explosions, you know the drill. But apparently this one really packs a punch, not just literally. According to some reviews, this flick sees Stalone sharper and more on point than he has been in a his most recent offerings, and that includes both Expendables films. Despite starring opposite actors like Jason Momoa, who is more than three decades his junior, Stallone is certainly not letting up.

In the Warren Hill directed comic book adaptation, Stallone plays lone Louisiana hitman Jimmy Bobo, who forms an unlikely alliance with idealistic cop Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang, Fast Five) to hunt down some shady characters who double-crossed him. Sounds unlikely, unrealistic and frankly, just plain fun, plus, even after supporting the ban on assault rifles, Sly has to get his kicks somewhere right?

Bullet To The Head is already out in theatres. Watch the trailer below.