Secret Sylvester Stallone tapes, which formed part of a huge lawsuit against Sylvester Stallone in the 1980s, have been destroyed, New York Post reports. Stallone’s half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti alleged that Sly had “abused her” and a multi-million dollar settlement ensued, using tapes of Stallone’s alleged abuse as evidence in the case.

New York Post first broke the news and more details of the story seem to be emerging. Toni-Ann, who passed away in August last year reached a settlement with her half-brother in 1987 in which Stallone apparently agreed to pay her $2 million dollars, on top of $16,666.66 per month for life and $50 per year for medical and psychiatric bills. The money was awarded, it seems, for “personal injury, including physical injury.” Stallone “vigorously denied and continues to deny and dispute all claims of wrongdoing.”

Confidential documents claim that there were tapes in existence, documenting conversations between Sylvester and Toni-Ann. A memo addressed to Filiti, from her attorneys, reads “This is to acknowledge receipt from you of a total of six cassette tapes, four of which contain conversations between you and your older half-brother who we are referring to as S… You understand that in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement between you and S., I and your father are required to destroy all tapes.” A source told NYPost that the tapes reinforced the notion that the court case was a ‘shakedown’ and claims that Filiti’s father threatened to disown her over the legal proceedings. Her son, Edd, aged 19 had no comment on the matter. 

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