Fans of the Rocky franchise have approached news of a spin-off film with caution, as these things can usually lead to either anger or sadness, or usually both. But is it finally time to start getting excited?

Syvester StalloneStallone at the premiere for Bullet to The Head

The movie is beginning to take shape. First off, MGM have given it the green light; that means the money is there to be spent. Secondly, we have a plot skeleton: the movie will focus on the grandson of Rocky’s nemesis-cum-allay Apollo Creed, who was portrayed by Carl Weathers in the first four ‘Rocky’ films. Deadline had the scoop on all this.

And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then hear this: the man himself, Sylvester Stallone, thirty-seven-years after he won an Academy Award for the first Rocky in 1976, will be back. Ryan Coogler is set to direct, and brings with him a wealth of expectation following winning the Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Sundance Festival for his debut film, Fruitvale Station. A talented young director, Coogler has gone down as a popular choice so far.

Michael B. JordanMichael B. Jordan won plaudits for his role in Fruitvale Station

Another popular choice is Michael B. Jordan, who has come a long way since playing the cocky and inexperienced Wallace in The Wire. Since then, he’s played Reggie Montgomery in All My Children, quarterback Vince Howard on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, and Alex in Parenthood. Another solid choice.

So with Stallone set to reappear as Rocky – and not write or direct, thank God – Creed is set reignite the Rocky Love once again.