Review of Sweethead Album by Sweethead

Review of Sweethead's self-titled album.

Sweethead Sweethead Album

Fuzz laden rock in the style of Death From Above 1979 but without the technical indie flair and some female vocals. The band come across all QOTSA in a few tracks, in a PJ Harvey in the Desert Sessions way, and the stoner rock influence is present throughout, although these guys seem to be more interested in having a good time. The album is full of hooks, it's well done and pretty damned stylish. However, the buried in the mix vocals combined with the downplayed singing style can feel a little forced at times, as can the discordance which normally would come across very well in a record like this.

Maybe it's just me but the record doesn't quite fit properly, and aside from a few stunners around the midpoint it only sticks for a few hours, then is swiftly forgotten. It's a great party record and would go down quite well in one of the many rooms in the film Shortbus, I feel, and if you get that reference, you get 10 points. I hate to describe a record as sexy, but it kind of is- although, as I said, it feels a little forced at times.

Conrad Hughes

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