Review of The Signature LP Album by Sway

The Signature LP album by Sway reviewed

Sway The Signature LP Album

Sway is back with a new album 'The Signature LP' released on Dcypha Productions. With all the success and recognition of his first album 'This Is My Demo' receiving a Mobo prize Sway has come back in fine form. Indeed 'The Signature LP' shows definite improvement as an MC and some serious skills. 'Fit For A King' and 'Say It Twice' show Twister style emceeing that is very hard to do. 'Say It Twice' is a proper heavyweight track that could only come from UK.

'The Signature LP' is very much an ode to all styles of hip hop and there's lots of variety that runs through the whole album. It's quality and makes for an interesting listen. Obviously you can hear the grime influences and witty commentary that makes UK hip hop cutting edge. But there's also full on soul tracks like 'Saturday Night Hustle' that features Lemar.

I'm feeling this album and definitely feel Sway has improved and respect is due to the experimentation of styles. It's something to be proud of and truly contemporary.

Tareck Ghoneim

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