Cancer survivor Suzanne Somers is sporting a new set of breasts after going under the knife for stem cell reconstruction.
The actress was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in 2000 and she later underwent a lumpectomy to remove the malignant tumour.
The former Three's Company star tells People magazine, "My jaw dropped when they (the medics) took the bandages off. Sixty-five per cent of my breast was gone. I had a DD on one side, and on the other side I could barely fill a B cup... My breasts were a huge part of my career... I had these beautiful breasts, which I had never appreciated. Then I looked down and went, 'Oh!' That was hard."
Embarrassed by her new lopsided silhouette, Somers began wearing a prosthetic - but even that had its downfalls.
She continues, "When I went out, I wore a prosthetic in my bra that would push up what little I had. A couple of times it slipped out. I looked down and there was something around my waist that shouldn't be there! It was mortifying."
Finally the fitness expert signed up to be part of a new clinical trial, which would involve plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Aronowitz reconstructing her right breast with stem cells harvested from the star's stomach fat - and the experimental procedure went off without a hitch.
A now-confident Somers adds, "It's soft and feels just like the other one. This is a game changer. I'm proud to have started the ball rolling... I didn't know I missed having a breast that much... It's wonderful to look down and see no scars, no foreign objects - just me."