Susan Sarandon will only take on a project if it evokes fear in her.

The 70-year-old actress believes having ''fun'' is vital in life, and if she has been offered an acting job that is not enjoyable and doesn't make her ''fearful'', she will not pay any ''attention'' to the task at hand and will reject it.

She said: ''Fun is very, very important. I don't understand why you would do any job where you can't have fun, but at the same time, I'm so lazy that if it's not somewhat fearful for me, I don't pay attention.

''There's a fun-fear ration that you want to get at least even, if not tipping into the fun area.''

And the 'The Exonerated' star has hinted she brings joy and fun to her relative's life, especially after her daily conversation with her 95-year-old mother Leonora Marie Criscione.

She told Stylist magazine: ''I talk to my mother almost every day. She's always, 'Oh, you made my day.' She's 95.''

And Susan stays in touch with her children Eva, 32, Jack, 28, and Miles, 25, and can check on what they've eaten during the day via social media.

She added: ''My daughter has a blog and her Snapchat ... is that the thing? O see what she's eating. I see the youngest ones starting to stand up. I know she had to turn [her son's] sleeping thing around because he unzipped it yesterday. I know everything.''