Susan Sarandon has her hands full as Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef in eerie serial murder mystery flick 'The Calling' out later this year. It feels like a classic killer thriller, but can it live up to the novel? And, more importantly, will it become the next trilogy to look out for?

Susan Sarandon at the LA premiere of 'Tammy'
Susan Sarandon is a cop in her latest project

We've been quite into our small town murders recently, what with FX's 'Fargo' becoming such a hit, so it's only right that we get excited about another creepy case set in a quiet wilderness. The movie is based on the first mystery novel of the same name published in 2008 by Michael Redhill under the pseudonym Inger Ash Wolfe (cool name or what?). He revealed himself as the author back in 2012 with many reviews previously suggesting his true identity was everyone from Margaret Atwood to Farley Mowat; he's a mystery unto himself.

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'The Calling' stars Oscar winner Susan Sarandon as a Hazel Micallef; a detective inspector living a peaceful existence in the town of Fort Dundas, Ontario with her ageing mother Emily (played by Ellen Burstyn). However, her quiet life and, indeed, quiet career is suddenly disrupted when she comes across the body of a woman viciously murdered, with her mouth contorted in a strange position. After she and her partner detective Ray Greene (Gil Bellows) start to uncover a series of more bodies, all with physically manipulated faces, it becomes clear that the serial killer (who reveals himself to the police only as Simon) is attempting to spell something out with each victim's mouth. Some further digging reveals it to be Latin, an ancient prayer of resurrection according to local priest Father Price (Donald Sutherland). Now it's a race against time to stop this madman completing the creepy ritual.

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Watch the trailer for 'The Calling' here:

At the helm of this crime thriller is South African director Jason Stone, co-producer of 2010 survival drama 'Wrecked' and executive producer of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen's comedy 'This Is The End', and the screenplay has been adapted by Scott Abramovitch ('No Surrender', 'Prayer Hour') in his feature film debut. We're also happy to see Sarandon on our screens again, after her comedy role in Melissa McCarthy's 'Tammy' which saw her looking a lot older than she usually does. At 67, she still retains that youthful glow thanks to regular gym sessions and, more recently, boxing lessons. 'Someone gave me lessons as a gift, then I continued, and I like it', she told People. 'It's really fun with all the boxers, and it's fun to hit - it's a workout!' We'll be seeing more of the freshly toned actress over the coming months too as she's voicing the character of Barb the Angel in the upcoming animated film 'Hell & Back' as well as starring alongside Christina Ricci and Sharon Stone in 2015 drama 'Mothers Day'.

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Given that 'The Calling' is the first in a series of three books featuring Hazel, we could be in for a sequel already. Next movie: 'The Taken'?