Susan Sarandon claims smoking marijuana has helped her career.

The 'Lovely Bones' actress insists she has never worked while high but found reading scripts while under the influence of the drug has changed her ''perspective'' on the projects.

She said: ''I've never worked high, and I've never filmed high. But I've read scripts high and gotten a different perspective.''

The 68-year-old actress - who has daughter Eva, 30, from her relationship with Franco Amurri and sons Jack, 25, and Miles, 22, with ex-partner Tim Robbins - believes smoking marijuana helps her be more ''present'' in the modern world and make the most of her down time.

She told High Times magazine: ''That's the great thing about smoking weed: if you lead a very, very busy life, for me, it really makes the most of your weekend. It like, triples, your weekends. If you only have certain windows to get high, it allows you to slow down and really be there.

''It's really important, because technology has made everybody multi-task: we get so distracted and so crazy... Smoking helps you to connect again - to be present and conscious.''

However, the 'Thelma and Louise' star advises against being ''stoned constantly''.

She said: ''As I've explained to my kids, weed helps you take a break from a very busy life. But you'll never have a really full life if you are stoned constantly from a young age.''

Susan believes marijuana has so many benefits to users, it is ''absurd'' that it isn't legalised everywhere.

She said: ''It's absurd that more states haven't legalised it. It's an important source of income... You also see the reports on kids who have seizures that are prevented by medical marijuana. You see the relief it gives to vets...

''It's also a lovely way to socialize and be with people -- and to be with yourself and de-stress.''