The actress was appalled by the conditions of Bray Studios and the derelict Oakley Court manor, where she shot the low-budget movie over 40 years ago. She had no idea the film would become a cult hit and spent much of the project shuddering with cold.

"It was a difficult shoot, just in terms of the amount of time that there was and the circumstances," she tells Entertainment Weekly. "Everybody was working under the gun. In a way, I was the only one that had done a film. Everyone was exhausted and working long hours."

But the surroundings really left her feeling low, especially when it came to filming Rocky Horror's swimming pool scene: "There was no ceiling. It was raining right into the building.

"I finally had to ask for something, and they got a space heater and put kind of screens around it. And then one day it went up in flames, luckily with nobody in it.

"I had pneumonia for a while and the doctor told me, 'You really shouldn't work, but if they can put you in a hot tub in between scenes or something that would be helpful'. I was like, 'They don't even have hot rooms, let alone a hot tub'."