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Sarandon Unfazed By Infertility

Veteran actress SUSAN SARANDON was unfazed when doctors told her she was infertile - because she never felt she needed a baby to make her happy. The Oscar winner admits she never longed to have...

Vedder's Lesson In Rock For Robbins Jr

TIM ROBBINS and SUSAN SARANDON's teenage rocker son MILES was joined onstage by a very special guest on Saturday (10MAR07) - PEARL JAM frontman EDDIE VEDDER. Miles, 14, was performing bass for his band THE...

Sarandon: 'Team America Was Crass'

Hollywood actress SUSAN SARANDON has hit out at the makers of TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE, claiming the puppet film was unfair and unsophisticated. Sarandon was ridiculed in the movie for her liberal politics, along with...

Sarandon's Lesbian Shame

Movie star SUSAN SARANDON was left redfaced when her son JACK asked her about her lesbian sex scenes with CATHERINE DENEUVE in THE HUNGER. The actress prides herself on the wide range of characters...

The Game Auctions Bentley For Charity

Hip-hop star THE GAME is donating his brand new customised Bentley Continental GT to MORGAN FREEMAN's charity to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. The rapper, real name JAYCEON TAYLOR, has donated his luxury...

Sarandon's Wax Figure Comes To Life

Children admiring a wax model of SUSAN SARANDON were left stunned recently, when the statue suddenly came to life. As schoolchildren eyed what they thought was a simple likeness of the THELMA + LOUISE...

Susan Says No To Playboy

SUSAN SARANDON keeps turning down countless offers to pose nude for PLAYBOY because she thinks the models in the magazine's pictorials always look so "uninteresting". The actress, who once posed for a Playboy cover...

Lopez's Man Makes Cameo In Shall We Dance?

JENNIFER LOPEZ is sharing screen time with the main man in her life once again, after securing a small role for her husband MARC ANTHONY in the movie SHALL WE DANCE?. Lopez, who became...

Sarandon Declares Herself The 'Patron Saint Of Older Ovaries'

OSCAR-winning actress SUSAN SARANDON is so thrilled at being a mother, she's proudly dubbed herself the "patron saint of older ovaries". The 56-year-old screen star thoroughly enjoys her young family: EVA, 18, with director...

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