The I Dreamed A Dream star, 54, called in police last month (Jun15) after the calls began, and she has now revealed she was convinced the person on the phone would turn up at her house because they knew her address.

She tells Britain's Sunday People newspaper, "I feared for my life from the frightening threats that were being made. I thought this person was going to turn up at my house and that would be it.

"I didn't know how capable this person was of following through with the threats. I thought he was going to do something very bad to me so I called the police...

"It was frightening. I always have ­someone with me at home - but you don't know what these people are going to do to you... It was threatening and so frightening. When someone says they know where you live then you worry a lot. That was the most scary thing for me.

"I had to stop it because I feared the worst. So I called the police. They were brilliant and it's now in their hands."

The police investigation continues.