Ever since Susan Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome one years ago, she has had a hard time dealing with the condition and recently admitted she only feels "safe" on stage, life outside of her career is the real struggle.

Susan Boyle
Boyle recently admitted she has struggled with her Asperger's diagnosis

Boyle, who previously put down her eccentric behaviour and anxiety to brain damage she suffered as a child after being starved of oxygen, opened up with the Daily Mail's Weekend Magazine how the condition leaves her in a "sense of panic" and feeling depressed.

The 53 year-old singer realizes, "Off stage, [my bad behavior] happens lots. It always has. But I'm getting better at dealing with it because I know what it is. If I feel I'm going to take a mood swing, I get up and leave."

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But because of having Asperger's, Boyle thinks she is the "only artist who needs a leash. I'm King Kong's mother."

"I get depressed," she explains. "I just go away, be myself. Then I come back to you. I always come back."

Boyle is currently on her first U.S. tour, which she prefers as performing is her only escape. "It never happens on stage," she admits. "It seems to make me feel better...When I'm up on stage, even if I've had a bad day, I can become a different person. I feel safe."

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But the Grammy nominee, who first rose to fame in 2009 after auditioning for 'Britain's Got Talent,' hopes she can transfer the peace she feels on stage to her normal life. "I like to see myself as someone with a problem, but one I can solve," she says. "It is definitely getting better. Since the diagnosis I've learned strategies for coping with it, and the best one is always to just walk away."