Review of Rings Around The World Album by Super Furry Animals

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1. Super Furry Animals Rings Around The World (Album; - Epic)
Not many bands make it to their fifth album, and in such a relatively short space of time. But since their signing to bigwigs Epic, the Super Furry Animals have been mastering the art of making music with a budget bigger than Geri Halliwells ego and, in the process it would seem, cleaning up their act.

There are no flies on this album. You wont find any rough edges here. Rings Around The World may have been hailed as their best album to date but in a place where more money equals exchanging heartfelt rawness for clinical overproduction this may not necessarily be the case.

A fine example is their stylised Curiosity Kills The Cat style single Juxtaposed With You which although can have done them no harm within the public domain, may have been a bitter pill for hardcore fans to swallow. The remainder of the album stays equally pristine - a factor which makes this a surprise nomination for the Mercury awards.

Tracks such as (Drawing) Rings Around The World) a plain Beach Boys rip off and Sidewalk Super Girl pure Kinks memorabilia, do nothing to necessarily raise the SFAs status as songwriters but again will no doubt keep them popular amidst the masses and those who want to dabble in something a little more left of centre than Mel C.

Highlights come with the justifiably titled Shoot Doris Day (where singer Gryff sounds more like Damon Albarn than Damon Albarn) and the whisky town Harmonica drool of Run! Christian, Run!

No musical milestone and a long shot for the prize but one more rung up the ladder towards super stardom.