Sum 41'S New Album 'Chuck' Is Out On Vinyl On June 24th 2014

Sum 41'S New Album 'Chuck' Is Out On Vinyl On June 24th 2014

Sum 41's third studio album, "Chuck", will be released on vinyl via ShopRadioCast on June 24.

The vinyl is now available for pre-order.

Originally released on October 12, 2004. "Chuck" is the band's last album to feature lead guitarist Dave Baksh. The album peaked at No. 2 on the Canadian Albums chart and was their highest-charting album until it would be surpassed by "Underclass Hero" in 2007.

Singles such as "We're All To Blame" and "Pieces" gained success on the Canadian and American charts, and the album won a Juno Award for "Rock Album of the Year" in 2005.

ShopRadioCast is also repressing the band's second studio album, 2002's "Does This Look Infected" which will be out June 24.

180 Gram Army Green (LTD 500, SRC Exclusive) 
180 Gram Red (LTD 600, Hot Topic Exclusive) 
180 Gram Clear

Vinyl Details: 
Single 180 Gram Vinyl 
Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker 
Gatefold Jacket, 11 x 22 Insert

Track Listing: 
A1 Intro 
A2 No Reason 
A3 We're All To Blame 
A4 Angels With Dirty Faces 
A5 Some Say 
A6 The Bitter End 
A7 Open Your Eyes

B1 Slipping Away 
B2 I'm Not The One 
B3 Welcome To Hell 
B4 Pieces 
B5 There's No Solution 
B6 88