Sum 41 would love a reunion with their original singer after not seeing him since 1997.

The 'In Too Deep' pop punk legends - who played their last ever UK show at Download Festival over the weekend - have "never" seen former frontman Jon Marshall after he quit the band 27 years ago.

Deryck Whibley, who took over on vocals at the time, told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "[The song 'Johnny Libertine'] is a reference to Jon. He was the most punk-rock guy I have ever known.

"We were 16 when we knew him and he was in this delirium, no plan B, we destroyed everything. [laughs]

"He was my best friend, then he left the group never to be seen again."

Although Sum 41 - who are retiring with their final gig coming in Toronto in January - would love to find their former friend, they have no idea where he is.

Deryck said: "Nothing at all. I would like a 'goodbye.' "

When it comes to the band's own farewells, the 'Fat Lip' hitmaker is proud of the group's final album 'Heaven :X: Hell', which feels like a fitting "goodbye" to their fans.

He explained: "We could not make a better record to say goodbye. I want Sum 41 to stop at a moment when everything surrounding the group makes us happy."

He is still looking to keep busy though, and the 44-year-old star has a desire to keep writing music.

He added: "I want to do other projects and that includes songwriting."

However, he has no clue what his next move will be, and gave a very honest answer when asked what he will do the morning after Sum 41's last ever gig.

He admitted: "Ask myself, 'What the f*** am I going to do now?' "