Suge Knight, the rap producer shot at Chris Brown's party on Sunday (24th August) has been released from hospital. The LAPD are investigating the incident and have been interviewing a number of suspects.

Suge KnightSuge Knight has been released from hospital after being shot on Sunday.

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The 49-year-old was at a pre-MTV Video Music Award party on Sunday (24th August) when he was shot six times. The rap producer and two others were shot in the early hours of Sunday morning inside 1 OAK club on the Sunset Strip, at a party hosted by Chris Brown. The L.A. Times reports one gunman was responsible but that he, despite the quick response of police, managed to leave the scene. Reports suggest Knight was deliberately targeted and police are currently investigating several "people of interest", according to the NY Daily News

Despite his injuries, Knight walked out of the party's venue and into a waiting ambulance. He was required to undergo surgery but was released on Wednesday (27th August), only three days after he was admitted. His friend Keith Middlebrook, speaking to the News, said Knight would be resting at home for a few days but is likely to recover quickly. Middlebrook said Knight "went straight home [from hospital] and is going to heal up in a few days and be stronger than ever." 

Suge Knight
Knight is best known as a producer, founder of Death Row Records, and for his connection to Tupac.

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Knight may be out of hospital and able to speak to police officers, but the authorities are not optimistic about eliciting helpful responses from the Death Row Records founder. As the News reports, Knight was interviewed whilst in hospital but found it difficult to answer questions so the police are seeking a second interview. However, one LAPD officer claimed Knight was unlikely to offer a helpful response. The unnamed officer said "We doubt he's going to tell us anything. That's typical in cases like this."

Knight is thought to have been the intended target although two others were injured during the shooting. Both were taken to hospital but are expected to make full recoveries. The LAPD are looking into the possibility of gang violence and are interviewing members of the rival Bloods and Crips street gangs and a number of others not affiliated with the organisations.

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Suge Knight
Knight has been interviewed by police but they are doubtful he will be forthcoming with information.