Suge Knight was pulled over by police on Friday afternoon (Nov 29th).

The founder and CEO of Death Row Records is no stranger to having problems with the law but what occurred earlier this week must have been a new experience for Knight.

TMZ reported, Knight was in a standoff with police aiming their weapons pointed at him, but the 48 year-old had done nothing wrong, it was a case of mistaken identity.

The gossip site reports that the LAPD were searching for an individual who had committed an assault and the suspect matched Suge's description, so when they spotted him in his vehicle they quickly jumped out with their guns drawn.

An embarrassing moment for the LAPD!

Knight cooperated with the police and agreed to go down to the station where he explained they have the wrong man, and now police believe the report of assault was a prank call.

Tupac's former hip-hop right hand man is reportedly very upset with the mistaken identity and is considering filing a lawsuit, in this case you can't blame him!

Read about Suge Knight's arrest in 2010 for an outstanding warrant related to a driving license, not Tupac's death

Knight's last arrest was a few months back in September, the hip-hop mogul was detained for a traffic violation though was already wanted on a misdemeanour warrant.

Suge has had a rough time since the disbandment of Death Row Records, he filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and is currently serving a three year supervised probation for driving with a suspended licence, including many more run-ins with the law.

Knight will and for always be connected to the death of his close friend Tupac Shakur back in Las Vegas 1996, the murderer has never been caught but many people believe Suge was deeply involved in the killing.

Suge Knight
Suge Knight may file a lawsuit against the LAPD