Sugababes used body doubles in a music video when their feuding was at its worst.

The British girl band - who had a line-up change recently after months of rowing and strained relations - were forced to hire lookalikes to portray them in the video for single 'About a Girl' because they didn't know if the band had any future.

Singer Heidi Range explained: "The video was shot anyway, only using body doubles. They thought, there's no band but we still need a video to put out with this song, so the girls who were our stunt doubles became the stars."

In September, original band member Keisha Buchanan was ousted from the girl group after months of feuds and tension with Heidi and Amelle Berrabah and was replaced by 21-year-old Jade Ewen.

Jade admits even she only found out she would be joining the group and appearing in a video with them at the last minute after she was approached by Sarah Wall, from Crown Music Management.

She explained to Britain's The Times newspaper: "I came down to her house, and she was asking me all these weird questions like, 'How bad do you want this?' and 'What lengths are you prepared to go to achieve your dream?' I remember saying, 'I'll do whatever it takes.' So she said there might be the opportunity to join Sugababes, but it could mean I'd have to get on a plane to Los Angeles tomorrow to shoot a video."

The trio have been forced to put back the release of their new album, 'Sweet 7', to February next year.

The record was originally due to be released on November 23 with Jay-Z's Roc Nation and Island Records.

They now need time to practice the new songs as a group and record girl Jade's voice on the album