LATEST: Sugababes star Keisha Buchanan has blasted rumours the band are on the verge of splitting - insisting she can't understand why the media is so obsessed with the subject. With Amelle Berrabah replacing original bandmember Mutya Buena, who left last the Sugababes last year (05), the PUSH THE BUTTON singer feels like it's a new beginning for the band and, alongside other bandmember Heidi Range, is excited about the new look girl group's future. She says, "It's really annoying. You get asked a question about a solo career, and we say 'Yes, one day but not now'. And then they just print the 'Yes' part. "We've been a band for six years and there must be a thousand interviews where we say right form the start, yes, we are three solo artists in a pop group, but we work as a band. We have only achieved half of what we would like, and with Amelle just joining eight months ago it's a brand new start for the band."