The Great British Bake Off final kicked off tonight, and without giving you any spoilers for those that want to catch up on BBC iPlayer, we can safely tell you that the show has a male winner, because all the finalists were blokes!

Okay, maybe just that one spoiler for those who are really catching up. But what happened to the age-old stereotype, which states that women stay in the kitchen, huh? It’s gone: it has to be done and dusted now, as the arguably the most watched cooking competition is hosted by women, and competed solely by men as it enters its swansong. We at Contact Music are happy it’s gone; let the men bake and the women be captains of industry as we enter 2013. The Great British Bake off, presented by comedy duo, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, was mooted to draw in a gigantic 5m viewers, as we find out who the top baker is, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it trumped that estimation.

It’s not just viewers, either; manufacturers of baking products must be licking their sticky lips when Bake Off season comes round, with some products increasing 500% in sale. People are being in spurred on to create pastries and tasty breads. A lot of you will be tempted to join in, but be warned: it is a science, you cant just bung a load of stuff in a bowl and expect it to work, as we’re sure you’ll have noticed by some of the failings of the hopefuls on the show. Happy baking!