Kimberley Wilson came pretty close to winning the BBC's The Great British Bake Off after appearing amongst the final three bakers fighting it out for the crown. In the end Kim's squishy picnic pie, her ham-fisted pretzel and her lack-lustre wedding cake saw competitor Frances Quinn steam ahead to claim the title of Britain's best amateur baker.

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Kimberley Wilson [Centre] Has Claimed That Hers Was Not An Accurate Portrayal On The 'Bake Off.'

Psychologist Kimberley and fellow rival Ruby Tandoh were cast off by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry who preferred Frances' intricate creations. Throughout the series, it seemed as though Kimberley was being set up to win: every perfect bake would emerge from the oven easily within the timeframe and would be placed with a glowing smile in front of the adoring judges.

Kimberley's glitter became tarnished in the final few episodes when the cracks began to appear and an overly self-disciplined, competitive and calculating contestant was shown to the world.

However, Wilson has now emerged to argue that her representation throughout the series was not true to her character and opened the gateway to a lot of online hatred from viewers who took issue with her perceived arrogance. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's The World at One, via Digital Spy, Kimberley said that although no scene from the show was fictionalised, her side of the story wasn't accurately communicated: "[They said] I was too self-satisfied, I was too confident and cocky and cocksure and I wasn't showing enough vulnerability, I wasn't showing enough deference, I wasn't being gracious enough," she said.

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The Gruelling Baking Contest Saw 12 Contestants Picked Off By Judges To Leave Just One.

"I read comments which said I should know my place. That was really quite an interesting response to what I went into thinking was just a baking show. It felt political," she added. "What you got was a kind of condensed, slightly two-dimensional representation of what happened,"

"Nothing was fictionalised, but it wasn't fully nuanced. What happened was that I was presented as kind of uber-confident and uber-competent, which is probably just not human. "That becomes a bit of a problem in terms of viewers watching it, because it becomes a little bit unnatural and there was a little bit of repercussion for me in terms of that."

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'GBBO' Contestant Kimberley Wilson Accuses The Show Of Portraying Her In A Biased Way.

The talented baker went on to explain that she believed women were GBBO's harshest critics. Kimberley said "I would say the harshest critics of the guys on the Bake Off - women and men - would be women sat on their sofas talking to each other saying: 'She looks a bit fat in that' or 'I don't think she's done a very good job of her jam tarts'. I think it's women who are actually the harshest critics.

"There's a danger when you talk about a gender bias, you imagine it's men attacking women, whereas I think actually women can be the real damage to a kind of perceived sisterhood that never existed," she said. The world of reality television can be a harsh and unforgiving place at the best of times but throw in a little crafty editing and even the most mild-mannered contestant can be turned into a demonised target of hatred for the sofa-slouching masses.