Review of Tales From The Doombox Album by Subsource

Subsource are a London band that have uses UK influences like punk, dub step and d&b to create a hard hitting live band able to rock crowds and create a lively energy. Certainly the influences of Prodigy, Pendulum and even Rage Against The Machine have inspired this band and 'Tales From The Doombox' is out there to push and provoke the youth.

Subsource Tales From The Doombox Album

I can respect the influences and Subsource's desire to be creative but on listening to Tales From The Doombox there's nothing that really stands out. There's a lot going on yet there's nothing specific I'm getting from this album. The most enjoyable aspect to the album is created through the bands energy and youthful creativity but it's unlikely I'll be going back to a listen in the near future. Maybe it's for a younger audience.

Props to Subsource sticking to their guns and doing what they enjoy.

Tareck Ghoneim

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