Studio Killers - Interview June 2013

04 June 2013

Interview with Studio Killers

Interview with Studio Killers

With the release of their self titled debut album imminent, ContactMusic caught up with the virtual band Studio Killers to find out how they got together, how the album came to fruition, what their influences are and what's next on the horizon for Cherry, Goldie, Dyna and Bi-Polar.

CM. So, Studio Killers, how did it all begin, where did you all meet, where did the idea come from?
Chubby Cherry: Strangely I cannot remember. But it feels like we've always been together.
Dyna Mink: we met on the internet after Bipolar Bear thought we'd be a good fit creatively.
Bi-Polar Bear: It all started with me.
Goldie Foxx: Something to do with a waitress and a cocktail bar.

CM. With each of you in a different European base how easy is it for you all to make the music? Do you all get together often?
CC: The truth is, it took a year before we met each other. We just worked from a distance until that and actually still do. We tried writing together in the studio once or twice, but we failed miserably, partly because the studio literally disappeared. We also all felt the urge to go to the other room and send each other stuff by email, which means we spend a lot of time getting lost between places.
DM & GF: We would see each other more if we could get insured to drive the Studio Killers Pulsar. Price comparison sites won't insure animals to drive, despite having a meerkat all over their adverts.

CM. How does the song writing process work in the band? Who does what?
CC: Usually GF&DM make the beats and I make the melodies and lyrics on top of those.
DM: That sounds about right; we get the music ideas together and send them to Cherry, who works her magic. 

CM. Your songs are littered with references not necessarily associated with your genre of music. Nabokov, Nietzsche, Simone de Beauvoir and even Leonard Cohen get a look in...where, or who, does that come from? 
CC: Being the lyricist I'll take the blame. A lot of the time I'm just going for a fresh phonetics, I think words should have fruit pulp in the lyrics. Nietzsche just happened to rhyme with "preach me". In "All men are pigs" it felt natural to have Beauvoir there because she's the one feminist everyone knows. As for Leonard Cohen, he's a genius and I think one should try say his name wherever one can - in a bus, song or elevator. 
DM: We thought they were Cherry's ex-lovers..
GF: I was rooting for Confucius and Aristotle to be included too, but with Eros and Apollo already on the album, Cherry didn't want to go over the top.

CM. There seem to be some biographical teasers in some of the albums songs as to your real identity, or at least your previous incarnations. Is that true and would you like to expand on that further?CC: I have to say this has been unintentional. Real identity? I think therefore I am. I've written the entire album from Cherry's 100% female perspective. Of course all other interpretations are welcome but seriously, I've had periods making this album. And that's the end of the sentence.
DM: No.
GF: I enjoy the suggestion that we are anything other than what people see.

CM. Is there a philosophy within the band, a must with any song.......or do you just want to get people dancing?
CC: No, we also want them to get laid after the dancing, with multiple partners, making all their secret wishes come true. See, I don't think other bands do that so that's our little niche is this business we call music.
DM: We're happy for people to sing and dance along to our songs, but whatever happens after that is up to them...
GF: Although Cherry's mission statement in this regard is close to the mark.
DM: Yeah, let me know about any after parties if Cherry turns out to be right

CM. Many people, among ourselves, have tried to described your music and your band but just how would you?CC: I think people have said it quite well when they've said 'Did my eyes and ears just have sex?'
DM & GF: We are always flattered when people say it's "ear-gasmic", but this is one area we are happy to leave to our fans to decide.
DM: The reaction to the singles so far has been wonderful

CM. A lot of your initial success has been in Northern Europe, do you see that as where your core fan base lies and where would you like to hear more of your music in the future? (Is global domination on the agenda?) 
CC: Domination is always fun.
GF: There she goes again! We're definitely in it for the long haul and always thoroughly enjoy welcoming new "Skillers" to the fold.
DM: We are a musical epidemic, which will eventually spread globally.
BB: We have had some great label partners around Europe, but now also have some great opportunities developing in the US.

CM. Many influences of music from Funk and Soul to House, Electro and Pop can be heard within the sound of Studio Killers but who for each of you are the game changing artists that have made a difference that has so affected you? 
CC: I've never really been a fan of artists as much I've been a fan of fantastic songs - whatever the genre. Some artists just have more great songs than others, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins, Duran Duran, The Ramones, Pet Shop Boys, Neil Young, Air, The Smiths, Angelo Badalamenti, Brian Eno etc. It was funny when we met last time and I was playing some stuff from my stereos, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, early Leonard Cohen and Foxx and Mink said they've never listened to that many acoustic songs in a row.
GF & DM: We were waiting for the kick drum - it never happened!

CM. The combination of music that is supported and enhanced by your virtual incarnations is very strong, how did come about, was it always going to be that way?
CC: I've always thought we looked perfect with the way we sound... But it comes naturally.
DM: I agree.
GF: He's quietly confident our Dyna Mink!

CM. How much did each of you influence your on screen personas? Are there any telling clues as to your real identities within each of the animated alter-egos?
CC: I'll never forget when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time. Sitting on a curb, half naked with make-up dripping I went: "I'm fucking beautiful!"
DM: What do you mean?
GF: I never take my mirrored aviators off if that's what you're asking?

CM. The album has been the culmination of two years work and is now ready for  public appreciation, how does that feel and what for each of you is your favourite track on the album?
DM: I'm very proud of all of them and look forward to hearing what our fans think!
BB: I've been pestering them to finish the album for all this time, so I'm just pleased it's seeing the light of day. Very excited.
CC: My favourite track would probably be "Jenny". 
GF: Indeed.I usually go with the one that is most recent, so Jenny is a real favourite of mine right now, although Mink and I are particularly fond of Funky at Heart and Friday Night Gurus, because that's about us!

CM. With four singles and a completed album under your wings, what now, any plans to play live and if so how do you see that working as a virtual band?
CC: There are a lot of plans, but still plans. We hope to find a way to take you with us on some adventures. You need to see some of the shit that happens here.
GF: We have discussed a live event for some time now and have a good idea of how we would make Studio Killers "live" work. As Cherry suggests, we just need a few more parts of the puzzle to fall into place to make it the interactive experience we feel fans would enjoy. I'm thinking holograms, multiple arenas, themed rooms and cosplay for starters!
DM: Insurance is a nightmare for animals. Please send me a limo if I need to be somewhere.

CM. With Studio Killers on screen presence being a creation with limitless possibilities you could conceivably do anything anything with them so, finally, if each of you could have your character have a superpower what would it be and why? 
CC: Pink laser beams coming from eyes that I could use to blow up random stuff, which would be cooler than this weird thing that happens to me where my clothing and hair changes and I occasional wake up somewhere I don't remember having ever been before.
DM: The ability to fly would be handy, considering my transportation woes.
GF: Invisibility would be very useful. It is getting harder for me to walk the streets.
BB: Some people already equate my bear-like qualities to that of a super-hero 

CM. Thank you so much, and good luck with the new album..

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