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13th December 2011

Quote: "I've been in serious relationships from the time I was 19 and I'm single for the first time in my life since then. I had to make a real conscious effort to rediscover myself and it's hard.. But there's something really powerful in being OK with being alone, especially for women." Charlize Theron is finally embracing single life after splitting form longterm partner Stuart Townsend last year (10).

20th June 2010

Fact: Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has placed the three-bedroom Malibu, California beach house she once shared with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend up for rent - for $50,000 (£33,330) a month. The couple ended its nine-year relationship earlier this year (10).

13th October 2009

Quote: "I tell my boyfriend, 'I have been nominated for an Oscar.' And he's like, 'That's nice, babe.' But I say I can get tickets for the World Cup and he is all 'Holy s**t!' All of a sudden, I am a goddess." Charlize Theron admits her boyfriend Stuart Townsend is more impressed with her ability to land free soccer tickets than her Hollywood career.

23rd September 2009

Quote: "I've always known that I wanted to be a mum but I've also never felt this rush, you know... that the biological clock is ticking. I haven't had that yet." Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has no plans to start a family with boyfriend Stuart Townsend in the near future.

24th August 2009

Quote: "I cut my hair really short in my 20s, and people were like, 'Hmm, wait a second. Is she gay?'" Actress Charlize Theron - who has been in a relationship with actor/director Stuart Townsend for nine years - laughs off speculation she was a lesbian early in her youth.

17th August 2009

Quote: "I just know I'm going to have five boys." Charlize Theron is planning a large family with boyfriend STUART TOWNSEND

5th March 2009

Quote: "I've absolutely no desire. It's just not something that I've ever kind of wanted. I like being his girlfriend." Charlize Theron will never be persuaded to marry her longtime partner Stuart Townsend.

19th September 2008

Quote: "No matter what I say, people think I am biased because I sleep with him... He loved directing and I've never seen him so happy - which hurts my feelings as his girlfriend!" Actress Charlize Theron on the ups and downs of collaborating with her director-boyfriend Stuart Townsend for their new film BATTLE IN SEATTLE.

19th September 2008

Quote: "I stumbled a few times by calling him baby in front of his crew, which he wasn't very pleased with." Charlize Theron on working with boyfriend Stuart Townsend on his directorial debut BATTLE IN SEATTLE.

13th January 2008

Quote: "I know everybody is going to say that I'm biased because I sleep with the guy, but I would be saying this even if he wasn't my boyfriend. It's a very good film and he's done a fantastic job. It's funny, you live with someone for seven years and then they do something like that and you go, 'Holy s**t! I didn't know you had that in you.'" Actress Charlize Theron was thoroughly impressed with boyfriend Stuart Townsend's directorial debut, BATTLE IN SEATTLE.

11th April 2006

Fact: Charlize Theron cut short her holiday in Turkey to attend the GLAAD Media Awards in Hollywood on Saturday night (08APR06), where she was honoured with the Vanguard Award. The actress and boyfriend Stuart Townsend were in Turkey for the recent solar eclipse.

23rd November 2005

Fact: <p>The mysterious actor who Charlize Theron "makes out with" in new movie Aeon Flux is the actress' real-life boyfriend Stuart Townsend. </p>

13th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I am married. You missed the boat. It happened five years ago when I met the man." Charlize Theron insists gossips are wasting their time by writing about her fictitious wedding plans to longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend. </p>

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