Review of Leave Ruin Album by Strand of Oaks

Review of Strand of Oaks' album 'Leave Ruin' released through La Societe.

Strand of Oaks Leave Ruin Album

James Taylor maybe still releasing records but nothing has really struck accord for a few years, Timothy Showalter on the other hand is picking up where Taylor should've finished. There's been a big surge in guys going down the 'folky' route recently, each have their own story. When Showalter's house was burnt down, he found himself homeless, most of the songs compiled on the album were written between park benches, hotels and friends houses on borrowed instruments.

Despite the sorrow that surrounded Showalter's life at the time of writing this album, a lot of the tracks remain positive, his sense of humour shines through and the outcome is just lovely, the instrumentation shows a gentle touch where his vocals reminisce of Sun Kil Moon's frontman Mark Kozelek. On the first listen, the sound immediately connect with the listener and by the time you finish, you'll want to listen to it straight over, whilst the music has already hooked you in with its intelligence.

A beautiful find.


Mike Rea.

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