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Story One Disposable EP

Story One consists of Tom Evans, Barny Barratt, Gerald Youna, and Mike Woolf. Hailing from Nottingham, they formed in 2000, they are described on their website as a, "powerhouse of a band for the post-Coldplay world", and interestingly feature a violin as a main instrument.

First track "Disposable" introduces Story One in completely the wrong way. The acoustic strum and Evans' coarse vocals don't make for good listening; it's like The Corrs – but worse. "Coming Up" has a dark edge, restraining itself before exploding into a dynamic rock sound that much more suits the voice of the singer. Unfortunately "Delhi Funeral" again slows the pace down, and despite an epic attempt to be rousing, ends up being a very boring four minutes wasted.

Alex Lai

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