Review of Out Of Season EP by Story One

Story One
Out Of Season
EP Review

Story One Out Of Season EP

Imagine Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics in some kind of strange Celtic busman's holiday where he finds himself as lead singer of Travis and becomes involved in a album with the working title 'Project Muse [minus the annoying breaths at the end of every line]'. Well that would probably sound a little like 'Out of Season'.

This is the kind of rock you could take home to meet your mother – Melodic, easy to appreciate, often bouncy and regularly featuring sporadic cameos from what, to my classically un-trained ear, sound like a viola (if your mind is drifting towards the Corrs then banish unclean thoughts).

If you could buy shares in bands then Story One would be a wise investment – Every song sounds like it could do well in the charts but none of them sound like real monster hits. This safety means they may never change the world but be assured; they will definitely make it sound a nicer place!

David Murphy

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