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Story One
"Out Of Season"

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Story One Out Of Season Single

Thoughts of an international tour would excite most musicians, with the prospect of playing to different crowds in different cities being thrilling. As with most things, the reality doesn't match the fantasy, and that is especially true of Story One. While not yet conceived as a band, various combinations of their members sat on the pavements of Nottingham and Paris, busking to anyone willing to listen – very rock and roll!

With their last release being less than impressive, it is with blissful joy that the following sentence is said: "Out Of Season" is a decent slice of indie rock. With their ever-present violin soaring and chomping guitars, Story One have produced a passable track that should find favour with student-types. Don't ask about b-side "Sunday Best" though – if it had a female vocalist, you'd stake your mortgage on it being The Corrs. Need anymore be said

Alex Lai

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