Stormzy wants to reconcile with his father.

The 29-year-old rapper was raised by his mother after his father left their family to start a new one but Stormzy admitted his strong Christian faith has made him think about forgiving his dad.

In quotes obtained by The Sun, he told the new series of 'Louis Theroux Interviews': "It’s very right that I hold this pain because of what he’s done, with him not being there.

“He’s a flawed man. His mistake was a big one. But I know he’s really sorry and he’s reached out through my mother and my sisters.

“I am going to speak to him — I now have the power to say, ‘I forgive you.’"

Stormzy also spoke about his upbringing in South London, where he lost many friends to knife crime.

He said: "I’ve been stabbed a few times — to some people that’s going to be horrifying. I went to hospital.”

"I got friends who went way, way deeper. You go on that journey and it can lead you anywhere.

“It is a random box of prison, death, becoming an entrepreneur. You learned to be streetwise and you applied that — becoming a musician, or becoming a footballer.

“But of course the most likely one is harmed, dead or in jail.”

Asked if any of his friends have died as a result of knife crime, he said: “Loads. It becomes normal. Do you know what I mean?

“It’s one of the things that happens — people pass away or get harmed.

“We didn’t always see it then, but we see it now as grown men — people lose their mental health badly.

"I have friends I grew up with who, if they saw me today, wouldn’t know me because they have serious mental health issues.

“It could be trauma, or sometimes they get involved in the drugs that they sell.”