Stormzy raps about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex on his new album.

The 29-year-old rapper has just released his third album 'This Is What I Mean' and on the track 'Please', he references the criticism Meghan has received since she tied the knot with Prince Harry.

According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, he said: "Please could you lower your tone, please could you get off my phone — and please leave Meghan alone.

"I said please leave Meghan alone, it cuts deep that deep when your house was never your home.

"You want to speak but it’s best that you don’t, under pressure we fold, best believe we’re protecting your throne."

He also appears to reference Meghan's public falling out with her father Thomas Markle, comparing it to his own estrangement from his father.

He raps: "Please lord give me the strength to forgive my dad because he is flawed and so am I, so who I am to not  . . . to not forgive a man who tries.

"I see his soul, I know it cries."

Meanwhile, Stormzy previously defended Meghan, 41, as a "sweet woman", claiming that people "hate her" for no reason.

He said: "I'm not super into the Royal Family but Meghan is a sweet woman, lovely, she does her thing. I haven't heard her say anything crazy and they just hate her."

The star insisted there's no "credible" reasons for people to dislike Meghan and thinks the negativity just comes from an "obsession with the Royal Family".

He added: "If I told someone write a list as to why you hate Meghan Markle, the list is rubbish. There's nothing credible to it but there's an obsession with the Royal Family."