Don't believe that The Stone Roses and their perennially out of tune front man Ian Brown playing through a naff sound system somewhere near Warrington back in 1990 wasn't the near-mythological experience that it was for the 20,000 or so who made the trek to Spike Island? Well someone's gone and made a film based around that 'glorious' night just to really ram the point home. It was seminal. Honest. And they're going to tell you why through the eyes of a lad, played by an actor who used to be in Hollyoaks

Watch the trailer for Spike Island

That's right, the Stone Roses supposedly "defined an era" when they played the industrial wasteland Spike Island to 20,000 people and some bright spark has had the idea to make a film around the gig, which depicts a group of every-day working class northern lads doing their best to get into the show to, we don't know, experience a night that'll probably define their own youth or something like that.

The film stars Elliott Tittensor and Nico Mirallegro and is directed by Mat Whitecross, with the script written by Chris Coghill. It's out this year at some point, for any of you who want to don your Reni fishing hats and re-live/pretend you were there, at the exact moment the Stone Roses helped stereotype an entire region.

Ian Brown
Ian Brown monkeying around

Mani, still evidently surprised anyone gives a damn about him