John Squire’s art studio at his home near Macclesfield has been destroyed by fire, The Mirror reports today (November 23, 2012). The fire, which occurred on Wednesday night (November 21), “severely damaged” the purpose-built barn, which the former Stone Roses guitarist uses to create his abstract artwork. He lost two pieces of work in the fire; they were a part of his Celebrity series and were entitled Aileen Wournos and Harry Houdini. It is believed that the fire was started accidentally.

John Squire’s agent, Vivienne Gaskin, told The Mirror that he was “extremely sad” about losing the two pieces of work and his studio as well. She did state, however, that the damage caused could have ben much worse. “He has got about four of the paintings from the collection in his home and the others have been sold. The studio was built near his home so his family were his main priority but they are all fine." She then added “Knowing that they are safe, he is obviously extremely sad that these paintings have gone and he will now have to completely re-build the studio.”

Other famous folk included in Squire’s Celebrity series include Woody Allen, David Beckham and Lindsay Lohan, as well as more controversial figures such as Josef Fritzl (who held his daughter captive for 24 years) and the serial killer Harold Shipman.