Shane Meadows has made no secret of his love for Stone Roses, in the making of his documentary The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone and his passion is spine-tinglingly evident, even in the short space of time that it takes to run through the trailer. When the Mancunian band announced their intentions to reform after 20 years, Meadows – the director of Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England – was set to the task of documenting the experience.

Modern footage of the band is interspliced with archive videos, but anyone expecting to see tell-scenes of the band’s more dramatic moments may be surprised to discover that Meadows did not go in for filming their more private moments together. In an interview with Jon Snow, for Channel 4, he explains “Because of my love for the band - I've not held back from what everyone saw - but I didn't go backstage sticking mics in the way, I made all my crew turn their cameras and sound devices off and we all sat in the room. A bit like being respectful - if someone's having a bit of a fall out, I don't think it's my place - you know, I'm not making the Jeremy Kyle show… they realised that they could trust me. I wasn't there trying to make Martin Bashir's Michael Jackson expose, I was making it with genuine love and affection. It's warts and all, don't get me wrong, but at the same time I also understood that certain things are private."

That love and affection certainly shows through in the documentary, if the trailer’s anything to go by. It’d be a cold-hearted viewer that isn’t warmed by the feverish shots of the crowd at their reunion shows; this could well become a truly legendary movie in the annals of music history.  

The Stone RosesI
Ian Brown of The Stones Roses, 2012