Sting will never reunite with The Police.

The 65-year-old singer songwriter - who made up one third of the British rock band before splitting in 1986 - has revealed he never plans to reunite with his former band members drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about a reunion, he said: ''I haven't gone back, this is part of my musical life. I play rock 'n' roll every night of my working life so It's not like I am going to return and be just like The Police. I am the f***ing Police.''

And Sting - whose real name is Gordon Sumner - has admitted he didn't return to the group because he found their music was uninspiring.

Speaking previously about the 'Every Breath You Take' hitmakers he said: ''It wasn't easy. There was nothing new in it - no new songs, no new energy, no desire to take that as a platform and move somewhere else.''

And Sting has likened the bands split to divorce.

He explained: ''People reacted to The Police coming back as if mum and dad had got together, you could see that emotion in the audience. But who really wants to go and live with the wife you divorced? I won't do it again. But I don't need to I've done it now.''

Meanwhile Sting is set to release his debut solo album called '57th & 9th' in three years on November 11.