Review of Silver Girl feat. N'Deye Single by Stine Richard

Review of Stine Richards single Silver Girl featuring N'Deye released through BAMusic.

Stine Richard Silver Girl feat. N'Deye Single

This collaboration is one that may have best been left unrecorded. Laced with simplistic lyrics that encourage a message of image coming second to loving someone for what's within, Stine Richard and his N'Deye assisted track Silver Girl fails to make an impact.

As an advocate of Auto Tune, Stine Richard isn't doing anything that hasn't already been done by Akon and T Pain and the abundance of artists that have encouraged the resurgence of the vo-coder. However the saving grace of this track has to be the production, which is co-produced by Ehi Etomi, Richard Campbell and the singer himself. And even though Silver Girl does have a catchy and melodic musical soundscape it unfortunately proves incapable of providing the song with the life-line it so desperately needs.

Melanie Cornish

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