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Stig Of The Dump Homeless Microphonist EP

Written and recorded in seven days, The Homeless Microphonist EP is the first release from the appropriately named Stig Of The Dump. Now homeless, this Geordie decided to pack up and head for the bright lights of London in pursuit of fortune.

This EP features 13 tracks (albeit with 5 brief fillers) and features contributions from the likes of Dr Syntax, Skrein and various producers such as Ido, Blufoot and others. The EP opens with a radio interview that gives the listener a brief insight to this aspiring UK hip-hop star. The Homeless Microphonist moves on through highlights such as The Journey with its deep sub bass and good choice of samples, The Introduction with its throbbing bassline, rough beats and beautiful but strange piano line, and Rhite whino with its rapid lyrics & drunken sing-along to a guitar led sample.

Make no mistake, The Homeless Microphonist EP is a good debut, the beats are loud & abrasive and the samples are put to great use. Lyrically, Stig is amusing, stark, and all too eager to enlighten everybody with his tales of alcoholism & homelessness. The only possible hang-up is for someone who finds himself with nowhere to live, this collection of songs are surprisingly met with an over-confidence and perhaps a little too much self-indulgence.

Colin Burrill

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