Stevie Wonder was honoured at the 10th Annual Heaven Gala on Sunday (08.01.17).

The 66-year-old singer songwriter was the Visionary Recipient at the evening's event, which took place at Red Studios, saw the 'Isn't She Lovely' hitmaker take to the stage to perform his version of 'Heaven', as well as 'Sketches of a Life', 'They Won't Go When I Go' and his 1972 hit record 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.'

Speaking at the event, Stevie said: ''Heaven is love. Heaven is life. I think what we have is all twisted on this planet. We are not doing what we need to do to make Earth as it is in Heaven because that is what I believe it is supposed to be.''

According to The Hollywood Reporter the powerhouse even arranged the decorations throughout the two rooms where the event took place, and stressed the importance of representing the seven continents across the globe across all elements including the cuisine.

Speaking about the theme for the event, chef Michael Voltaggio said: ''It was important to Stevie that all seven continents were represented so we went through all seven continents ending with my favourite dessert, which is going to be Antartica.

''We're serving dessert in a metal bucket so you can actually feel the cold in your hands while you eat it.''