At Sunday night's (November 18) American Music Awards, Stevie Wonder paid tribute to the late Dick Clark, the former presenter of American Bandstand.

Clark passed away in April, aged 82 and Stevie said that he was “Truly honored to have been asked (to pay tribute to the TV star), because that spirit I knew and saw on television was his real spirit in real life. Meeting him as a person was wonderful.”

Wonder went on to play a three-song medley and said “He brought musicians, artists and songwriters of all the various genres together, and we perform in the spirit of music… It's a challenge to Americans and world leaders to do the same.” The singer Tony Orlando once said of Clark “Only God is responsible for making more stars than Dick Clark.” He was responsible for breaking a huge number of American artists through his TV show, such as Buddy Holly and James Brown.

Stevie Wonder is currently working on a new project entitled ‘Ten Billion Hearts,’ Rolling Stone report and the soul legend revealed “I wrote this song, music and melody, when I worked on The Secret Life of Plants, the musical. The song that I wrote didn't make the actual film… But I always had the song and a good melody, so after the earthquake that happened in Japan and the tsunami I just thought, if we all had the spirit of wanting to see the world better, really opening our spirits to that, how all these things we talk about wanting to see would happen. By the end of the century we will have 10 billion people on the planet, and I'm hoping we can really bring people together.” 

Watch Stevie Wonder playing tribute to Dick Clark at the American Music Awards...