Stevie Nicks thinks it would be ''good'' to date an older version of Harry Styles.

The Fleetwood Mac star is like a mentor to the 'Fine Line' singer and she revealed that if the One Direction member was older, sparks could have flown for them.

When asked if she'd like to date an older version of her friend Harry, she admitted: ''Well, that would be a good thing ... I won't be sitting in a bar with a bunch of my friends and wait for some weirdo guys to come over and buy us a drink.''

The 72-year-old singer insists she isn't looking for love right now, but if she was, she would never use a dating app as she finds it ''desperate''.

She added: ''Now, if I was even, like, 30 or 40 or 50, I would never use a dating app. I find that to be totally desperate. I watch all those crime shows. Are you setting yourself up with an axe murderer or something?''

And Stevie says Harry is ''definitely in the running'' for her new miniseries, 'Rhiannon', based off of her famous song.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, she shared: ''He is definitely in the running ... I'm going, 'Harry, you cannot age one day.

''You have to stay exactly as you are. I've already sold him on it.'''

Harry previously revealed working with Stevie is ''an out-of-body experience''.

Harry - who first met Stevie backstage at a Fleetwood Mac gig in 2015 - said: ''It borders on an out-of-body experience. 'Dreams' was the first song I knew all the words to; I used to sing it in the car with my mom. Every time I'm with her, you want to be, obviously, present, right? I'm trying to enjoy being with her and soaking in. But I think at the same time, while you're in the room with her, I'm sitting there thinking about being 10-years-old and singing the song.''