Stevie Nicks is "angry" about the opportunities she lost to drug addiction.

The former Fleetwood Mac singer - who battled a nine-year cocaine addiction, before becoming hooked on prescription tranquilisers for a further eight years - is convinced she would have died if she hadn't eventually sought help for her problems.

She said: "I'm still very angry about that. I might have met somebody, had a baby, made three more amazing albums in those years. I'm pretty sure that had I not eventually checked myself into a hospital and stayed there for 47 days, I would be dead now.

"I would have overdosed on something crazy, over the counter."

However, the 63-year-old musician explained she was always taught to keep her "head held high" by the late Janis Joplin.

Stevie added in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "From Janis I learned that to make it as a female musician in a man's world is gonna be tough and you need to keep your head held high."