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I want to say that Steven Strait is probably the best new actor for many years here in the USA. I saw 10,000 BC 3x with my friends. He definitly carried the movie 100%, and was best actor in the whole story. The sets, scenes, CGI, and costumes were #1. I loved the story. I think it will be veyr much the #1 movie for many weeks.I watched Steven on "Ellen" , a USA talkshow hosted by Ellen Degeneres. He was very polite, humble, and well mannered. He was not weird, or obnoxious like some other movie stars I could name.Everyone should go see 10,000 BC for good time of fantasy and spectacular scenes....especially the rebellion scene at the end.I hope Steven Strait makes mant more movies....maybe some more in this type genre too.

Posted 15 years 1 week ago by Sumiko Honda

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i love steven strait, hes amazingly gorgeous and i wan to meet him and its sad i never will. Steven did great in the movie the convenant, i didnt get to see his other movies yet but i intend to! Steven and all the other boys were all soo gorgeousss it made the movie 1,000 times better although it was a great movie in all.ILOVESTEVEN!!!!!

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by ginamarie :]

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I think steven is so sexy in the movie THE COVENANT HE'S SO HOT!!!!! luv shaeby

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by shaeby

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